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Aboriginal traditional healers get international psychotherapy award

Growing recognition of traditional health professionals *** A group of Aboriginal traditional healers will receive an international psychotherapy award in Sydney today, the Sigmund Freud Award 2011 [1]. This is yet another evidence that, gradually, the idea is taking hold that traditional knowledge has something to offer to the world. The WHO and UNAIDS [2], … Continue reading

Parasites of the Poor? International NGOs and aid agencies in Zimbabwe

Just stumbled upon this article about NGOs on the site “African Argument, which hosts a blog called “Rethinking Zimbabwe”. The issue discussed reflects a situation that can probably found in many other countries as well… *** This blog is called ‘Rethinking Zimbabwe’. It seems that a lot of people in Zimbabwe want some rethinking about … Continue reading

African Universities: Creating True Researchers or “Native Informers” to NGOs?

The following article (found on tackles a widespread problem researchers face, in Africa and elsewhere. More and more research is done on demand, and even when researchers take the initiative to write up their own project proposals, they have to consider similar criteria as in research on demand: What are the interests of the … Continue reading